This is the beginning of your journey to experience life 

in the fullness of simply being you ... REALLY YOU.

"What you do is Magic"

  • Awaken the creative, sensual, flow within your every day life
  • Discover the power of your desire and allow your sacred sexuality to ignite
  • Connect with the different aspects of your inner self and the wisdom they hold

"It was the strongest workshop of the festival for me. Thank you"

You are ready to become the priestess of your own creation. 



To connect to the divine within you and explore your own inner wisdom on the path.

Click here to discover I Am Divine: A guided course of self love, diving into the wisdom of your body and womb to awaken and re-instinct your natural self.

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8-10 June Spring Lorelei Women's Festival Holland

WILD MAIDEN ~ Re-birthing Wild Innocence

Enliven the wild and authentic expression of your Maiden self. Celebrate the innocent sacredness of your body through bodywork, creativity and ceremony as we dive into the Maiden Archetype, shadows and shine, to open a transformational and healing space to rediscover your innocence and natural beauty. Re-claim your wild essence and move from repression to pure self-expression.

21 - 26 August Summer Lorelei Women's Festival Holland

QUEEN CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Sovereign Self Ceremony

A powerful transformational workshop exploring the Queen Archetype within.Opening to power and vulnerability, giving and receiving, trust andlove, with sacred sexual practices, bodywork, creativity and ceremony. Just as Queen owns her realm, we must own our realm, body and life, shadows and shine as we cleanse and re-birth our sovereignty to reveal our authentic magnificence.


31 July - 5 August Goddess Conference Glastonbury UK

Wild Maiden - A Creative Journey

Thisis a powerful invitation to experience your feminine essence througha series of guided creative journeys. To connect to your body, souland inner landscapes through colour, sound, movement, meditation andlistening to your intuition. Open your body as a vessel of love andsacred sexuality, releasing your creative expression.



An art & movement ritual of self-expression. More than just a fun process; an opportunity for you to explore boundaries of your own self-expression in movement, art and creation; working individually and as a group. Open your soul and body to experience this beautiful process of full body creative expression ritual. 

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A powerful transformational intensive course for women, diving into the authentic sovereign existence of yourself. 12 hours of awakening your true essence of the Queen archetype in this dynamic experience . 

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Contact me to have a personal day with you and your group of friends


Contact me for one-to-one sessions to explore and enliven your creative and sexual self to a deeper level. I tune in to your energy field and intuitively guide you though body wisdom exercises to highten your connection with your creative and sexual energies, re-insticting natural self.


"Wow, what a beautiful weaving of a new tapestry of ME and my unique essence. 

Thank you Hazel for an amazing spacious day together"


"I would like to express my gratitude to Hazel for offering me such an open heart warming space to be able to ground myself into present awareness with total ease, acceptance and love. Hazel guided me beautifully into a slow trance of deep feminine meditation. Connecting me deeper into the center of my Heart, where I could feel my energy guiding further into my womb so that I could sense my connection between my Heart, Womb and the Earth."


I created Priestess as a Creation as a way to help you find your unique path,

using tools that allowed me to connect to my self expression. 

I offer them to you in sacred sisterhood, so that you can travel this path with the 

support and encouragement you need as the transformation begins in your life.

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