The Observationarium 

Performance Installation by Hazel Evans November 2016

Welcome to the Observationarium, by Hazel Evans, Associate Artist at Lighthouse. This is part of a series of perfomative installation experiences from an ongoing collection of Hazel's work that is concerned with the interplay between our inner and outer world's.

Behold the mystery of The Observationarium, a portal to the pure creation of yourself, your source of inspiration and illumination. Come inside and sit with The Oracle Lady to shine a light on the perfection of yourself and find your house of light within. You may catch her telling a spontaneous story, legend or tale of creative wisdom, offering you one of her oracle cards, or simply sitting in silence radiating light together.

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Hazel's work is inspired by the play between the inner and outer landscapes of the body, mind and soul. As a multi-disciplinary artist she uses illustration, writing, performance and her voice to interpret multidimensional landscapes to take the spectator on a journey, with perhaps an invitation to meet a part of themselves too.

"What goes on inside, is a reflection of what goes on outside and what goes on outside, moves me on the inside. I am in constant relationship with this beautiful dance of life between inner and outer worlds. I create from the soul. Diving deep into what it means to be present and experience life in the fullness of simply ... being oneself. Taking off the masks, being seen, sharing a story and moving with authentic intuitive expression" Hazel Evans

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Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Universe

These beautifully illustrated cards were created for the Oracle performance in the The Observationarium Art Installation by Hazel Evans.

Powerful cards to simply ask for which element energy you need for the day or for a particular question you have in mind. 

Suprisingly strong for a small deck of five cards, but always spot on for the energy needed for the chooser. 

"It was so beautiful to watch people be profoundly touched as they entered into The Observationarium to receive some words of wisdom, many cried as hearts opened and messages were shared."

Great as a little gift of joy for someone special.


Enter into the mysteries of the Universe ... of yourself

"Such a beautiful experience, it made me cry"

An invitation, initiation to hear the voice of wisdom. Essence of space invites you inside, for transformation.

The silence of the soul listens to the whole, as the scent of freedom flies above, in the void, creation births love. 

What is your essence .. look inside yourself, what do you see?

Installation soundtrack 

The Observationarium 

by Momo:Tempo

A specially commissioned piece for Lighthouse Poole

Event photographer Danika Westwood

Additional images and motion documentation by Sharon Gadellaa

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