Sensual Spring - 5 Day Creative Challenge

Priestess Of Creation guides you to becoming the art of your life: Transformation through Creation.

This month I am offering this sensual FREE EXPERIENCE to dive deeper into our feminine essence and use the energy of this time of year to guide us. 

12 - 16 May

Harnessing the energies of May's New Moon

I am delighted to announce the first of many experiences I would love to share with you - Starting this Saturday! This is a journey we will take together as we spend 5 days navigating the sensual spring energy within ourselves and harnessing this power for creative and sensual self-expression. With the energies of this May New Moon which offer us delicious energies of love and creative projects, we will be awakening the archetype of the lover within our sacred feminine selves, so we align with our true essence. Sign up with the link below - talk about it and share far and wide as I am really looking forward to sharing what I have learnt during the last 15 years, of my own creative and sensual body wisdom journey, with as many women as possible.... The content will be available to you for 2 weeks, so you can spend as much or as little time as you like or can on your creative challenge - All the support is here and I look forward to welcoming you. Hazel xx



“Create from the soul. Dive deep into what it means to be present and experience life in the fullness of simply … being oneself. Take off the masks, be seen, share your story and move with authentic, intuitive expression".



* Harnessing the powerful creative energies of Spring

* Navigating spring energy in your body

* Aligning with the Archetype of the Lover in the month of May

* Power of the new moon to welcome love and creative projects


From the comfort of your own chosen space, you will receive your first email in your inbox on Saturday 12th May. 

You will be invited to join the Private Facebook Group and be given your first worksheet. Each morning you will receive your next email and guidance for the next part of the journey together. 


12 - 16 May 2018

WITH LIVE BROADCASTS - approx 30 mins (CET Central European Time - GMT+1). These broadcasts will be introducing the themes we are working with, creative and body wisdom exercises as well as the chance for you to ask questions directly to me. Join in at the actual time via the private Facebook group, or catch up at any time you like later during the day. 

Saturday 12th May - 11am

Sunday 13th May - 11am 

Monday 14th May - 11am 

NEW MOON Tuesday 15th May - 9pm 

Wednesday 16th May - 11am


It’s very simple - sign up to the mailing list below (which you can opt out of at any time), and you can expect your first email on Saturday 12th May as we get started together. Then join the private Facebook group and get ready for the first Facebook Live Broadcast at 11am (CET).


Welcome and really looking forward to meeting you and sharing this journey together <3 

Love Hazel 


As I open the Priestess Of Creation YouTube Channel to share more about what I am offering and how to guide you on your journey of transformation though creation, I have started with a series of 5 short videos to introduce a bit of what Priestess Of Creation is about. 

Enjoy and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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