I Am Divine ~ The Creative Journey Experience For All Women 

A guided course of self love, diving into the wisdom of your body and womb to awaken and re-instinct your natural self. Aligning with the spiral of life and feminine archetypes, I Am Divine invites you to experience your authentic creative life force through meditation, movement and expression. I Am Divine offers an interactive way for you to aliven your body wisdom and higher self. For all women, Wild Maidens to Wise Crones.                COLOUR ~ MEDITATE ~ MOVE ~ CELEBRATE

"What beautiful guided meditations - such a nurturing voice, thank you for putting so much love and time into all your work for other women like me to dive into as well"

E. From England

I have just finished the art of the Divine Mother. The image is really poweful, I love looking at it and feeling its energy. Thank you very much for sharing these beautiful images.

A. From Holland

I had a great evening yesterday and I decided that I really want to take the year wheel journey.

M. From Holland


With the book you gain access to the Portal with over 12 hours of material and experiential practices


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More than just a book ...

Colour - Meditate - Move - Celebrate

More than a book, this is an experience of embodying the Divine Feminine and creatively connecting to the Goddess energies within yourself, to Mother Nature, to the Universal Oneness and align with the innate divine wisdom of your higher self. 

This is an invitation to experience your feminine essence through a series of guided creative journeys. To connect to your body, soul and inner landscapes through colour, sound, movement, meditation and listening to your intuition. Open your body as a vessel of love and sacred sexuality, releasing your creative expression. 

 This is a beautiful journey of self love for all women, beginners and experienced alike. To deepen the connection with your true self, your shine and contribute to raising the vibration of heart centred living on this planet for all beings. 

About The Illustrations

Sacred Geometry - Power Of The Moon

The illustrations guide you through the phases and cycle of a woman's life, her moon cycle and phases of the moon. They are a celebration of the wisdom held within the female body in relation to the moon and true essence of woman. They were created by the Hazel using sacred geometry to illuminate and energise the divine feminine vibration, in line with love and sacred sexuality wisdom.

During the two eclipses of Spring 2015 these illustrations arrived. Channelled under the light of the moon each lady unfolded and told her story as Hazel drew the Divine Feminine essence into form. During the creative process Hazel envisioned women colouring in the illustrations themselves as part of their own self love practice and in honour of their own body. 

Hazel created these illustrations during her training and initiation as Priestess Of Love & Sacred Sexuality, Rhiannon Goddess of Love

FOR ALL WOMEN ~ From Wild Maidens who want to learn about the wisdom of their amazing bodies to Wise Women who have already lived a lifetime of experiences as a woman.

All Wild Maidens to Wise Women. Experience the wisdom of your amazing body, ignite creativity and sexuality. If you are new at connecting to your body, and the concept of the Divine Feminine, this journey book can help you develop skills at becoming your own guide, feeling and listening to your inner wisdom, embracing your femininity and love vibration. It is also a practical way of understanding and connecting to the cycles of nature, women and the moon. If you are familiar with themes in this book, you will enjoy a new way of creatively exploring and deepening your Divine Feminine essence, experiencing Goddess energies within yourself and raising the vibration of love and healing for the collective consciousness. 

I AM DIVINE - Creative Journey Book contains:

12 Colouring in journeys | 12 Meditation journeys | 12 Powerful Feminine Illustration plates

PLUS * Audio journeys – accessible via the I Am Divine online Portal

AND * Information about the Wheel of the Year, following your Mooncycle and the Moon, working with Divine and Goddess energy within yourself, Inspirational poems, colouring and music in your creative journey and links to online resources to enhance your journey.

Original art, writing and audios by © Hazel Evans 2000– 2017 All rights reserved

About Hazel Evans

Hazel's work is inspired by the play between the inner and outer landscapes of the body, mind and soul. As a multi-disciplinary artist she uses illustration, writing, performance and her voice to interpret multidimensional landscapes to take the spectator on a journey, with perhaps an invitation to meet a part of themselves too.

Hazel says, "What goes on inside, is a reflection of what goes on outside and what goes on outside, moves me on the inside. I am inconstant relationship with this beautiful dance of life between inner and outer worlds. I create from the soul. Diving deep into what it means to be present and experience life in the fullness of simply ...being oneself. Taking off the masks, being seen, sharing a story and moving with authentic intuitive expression"  See more here

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