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Guardians Of The Temple - Art

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Collection of 3 canvases each 20 x 60 cm - Acrylic on canvas

Collection Nos. 2- 4 

This painting is part of the project and collection of art 'The Great Returning'. A project of awakening and returning of the Divine Feminine, by Hazel Evans and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


In April 2016, as I often do, I took myself on an inward journey meditation. I wanted to visit the Akashic records for information on my soul purpose. As I journeyed out of the physical realm and into energetic realms I walked a long a long misty path and realised I was also taking a journey into the wisdom of my womb and the universe within.

I saw a temple of stone, long tall pillars, a stone path way and three steps leading up to a large door. I paused as I reached the door, then I stepped inside, into the illuminated darkness. Within, I saw an immense space lit with candles. I was alone. The ceiling was the Universe.

Intuitively knowing the way, I walked forward. Sensing being watched on either side from within the darkness. Mystery. Through an arch I came to a smaller space, a warm and lighter red space and there in front of a doorway, of what I know is the library, three women greeted me in silence. The Guardians of The Temple. They had gifts.

  • The Book of Sacred Wisdom - This is the story of your life from before, now and the future.
  • The Chalice of Sacred Source - This is the wisdom of creation within the womb
  • The Light of Sacred Soul - This is the eternal light of love and gift of golden life


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