Vision Of Sovereignty

A day of rest to awaken inside. A day of rest to feel my shine. 

Soverign Self no longer hides. A day of rest to feel Divine. 

Last night I went to bed around 8pm, in the full light of a wide open summer night. I woke at 9am. I needed that rest and still I am lying in bed as I have just finished a vision board of my Sovereign Self.

The powerful dark moon and Summer Solistic bought me great joy this week as I received the proof copy of my first ever book ‘I Am Divne’, on the Solistice. Wow what a journey it has been seeing it be birthed into creation and such divine timing for it’s arrival. 

And so these new energies of life surge though my veins as I find myself melting into the nest of aloneness and peace. The ignition of my creative self comes alive in this stillness, rejuvination and simplicity of simply being. I am here. 

And so play began. An inspiration to set intention for what is to come and support myself in this journey of awakening to my highest self and highest potential. What is to come? So I plant the energetic intention of my sovereign self, to guide me and come alive in the creative endeavours ahead of me. 

Allowing opening, allowing myself to be seen, allowing expression of my truth. 

Today lead me to creating a digital vision board, with a selection of photographs I have taken over the last 2 years from various passage of journeys, art work and a medicine mix of inspirational words. 

Moving into my 40s, acknowledging my journey so far and the wisdom this has bought me along with my sense of duty as a creator to translate my inner and outer worlds as an offering of inspiration, transformation and embodiment of truth. 

So I present today my vision board of My Sovereign Self. What does yours look like? 

With love and High Summer Blessings

Hazel <3 

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