The Seasoned Year - Becoming The Maiden


Recently I was interviewed by writer Madeleine Forbes to talk about the energies of Spring and what this means in alignment with our natural selves and the goddess energies of nature. 

She wrote a beautiful article - READ HERE:



“It’s asking us every year again:

Are you willing to accept the challenge of a new rebirth of yourself for the next season?

We can go against that, and fight to stay a small version of ourselves — not grow so many leaves or extra branches if we use the plant as a metaphor — or we can really choose to take in all the energy that we have conserved over winter, and the visions that come within that void.

It’s a season of daring.

Daring to choose life, and daring to be in life, and daring to say yes, I’m going to take another round.

I’m willing to take that risk to be something completely different.

Shed that old version of the self that died last year and really be willing to be what I am today, in the present.”

I had an amazing conversation with Hazel Evans all about the season we’re in… the spring, the cycle of life, and the female archetypes it connects us to.

You can read it now on The Seasoned Year blog.

Hazel’s work has been an inspiration to me ever since I was first lucky enough to sit in circle with her.

I feel incredibly lucky to have snagged her time for this interview, and am so excited to be sharing what she’s up to with you all.

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