The Great Returning - Reunion Of Souls

What does it mean to experience the great returning of the Divine Feminine essence into real life, this life, on this planet, in our lifetime?

The calling is here for us to rise, in love and heart centred living. All men, women, children, beings and life forces on this planet. We are rising. We are learning. We are reclaiming, re-instincting, and saying ‘Yes’ to the golden essence of our lives.

But what does this mean to experience this as a collective energy? And what does it look like, feel like and how can we use these powerful forces that we are reclaiming as women to excellerate the bringing forth of the New Paradigm? Where the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies bring a wave of healing like we have never experinced before, bring a wave of deeper opening into the innate and once lost wisdom of the feminine essence, the magic, the immense power that is so strong we can no longer deny or hide it. What hapens then?

Every single being right now is having their own experience at their own level of awakening. Some are further down the line than others. All the work that is happening to clear and cleanse the old ways of being is still much needed, but for those who are further down the line, what happens when we unite? What happens when the energies of our sacred temples of the past reform to enlighten the Divine Feminine once again to transform all life as we know it on a daily basis?

Is this possible in our lifetime? I believe it is. It is already here. It is growing. So what does the next level look like and feel like … and the one beyond that?

I am interested in seeing how this can grow further, to see what happens when we, as established lightworkers, Priestesses, Shamans can meet, doing our best to come free from the masks of ego, free from the bullshit that historically has kept the advance developments of sister circles unable to develop. What happens when we leave it all behind and step forth fully into the unknown collective connection and tap into that divine field together?

As we are welcoming and already experiencing the energies and wisdom of 5D + living, universal and deep Earthly connections, how can we connect with eachother to develop and share our skills as beings who are perhaphs further down the line that others on the path of awakening?

We can be here, present and tap into source immediately together. What happens then?

As many of you, I have had some awesome experiences of telepathy, channelling the Divine Mother, feeling and seeing energies inside and outside of my body, astral projecting, journeying into the universe of my womb etc. Can we unite and see what happens when we have the intention of raising our vibration as a collective together?

I am curious, is it possible, what can happen?

So my questions are open to ‘experience’ as we meet. I am curious to explore even deeper the Great Returning of the Divine Feminine and what this means in this lifetime as we, awakened souls, reunite.

Welcome sisters

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