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I received the most wonderful and comprehensive testimonial today of a beautiful woman’s experiece with me in a personal online journey session with her. 

Over 5 years ago I realised I had to reach out and share my journey of empowerment and creation with other women, yet I didn’t know how it would manifest, I simply began following where the scent of inspiration kept leading me. This feedback makes my heart shine knowing I am inspiring shine in others. Humble, blessed and grateful for the lives of women I am invited to share and inspire. 

“I would like to express my Gratitude to Hazel for offering me such an open heart warming space to be able to ground myself into present awareness with total ease, acceptance and love.

Hazel guided my beautifully into a slow trance of deep feminine meditation.. Connecting me deeper into the center of my Heart, where I could feel my energy guiding further into my womb so that I could sense my connection between my Heart, Womb and the Earth.

An overall feeling of Bliss and Stillness within, and a relief also that I had finally been able to feel the earth beneath and holding me.Hazel used a very powerful drumming technique along with breathing and the sounds of the Earth creating harmony, giving me the space to relax even more into my body. I have been using this technique everyday now and have felt such a strong connection deep in my womb. 

I thank you Hazel for giving me this kind opportunity to explore more deeply into my feminine being, this has helped me to remember how to stay focused, centered and in position to receive the abundance of healing magic and wisdom that the Earth gives and the safety of course that is offered by simply being. With Love and Thanks” K.

Thank you Kaylee for your beautiful reflections xx

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