Creative Cleanse - 21 Days Of Awakening

 On the 1st January I started a 21 day creative cleanse. A personal journey, a ritual of one drawing and one piece of free writing per day; no editing, just seeing what comes. Taking a moment to stop, feel, tune into my authentic essence and self-express from the source. A way to welcome and awaken my creative essence into this new year. Also a chance for me to use self-expression as a mirror. To see what is going on in there! Already things are starting to speak to me on day 8.

Relax - breathe - go inside - explore - see - with no expectations and let the body translate through lines; written and drawn.

The energies of transition over this winter have been the strongest I have ever felt in this winter season. There are certainly very powerful motions happening in the collective and I feel it very strongly in the whole of my being and see it reflected in myself, body and soul. Last year gave the opportunity for deep cleansing and powerful transformation in seeing truth. Now I am in the void of this white wind season. Listening to what comes next. Listening to the soul singing. Listening, waiting and feeling the essence of soul creation.

 2017 was a year of diving inside to see what needed to be cleared. It felt like I died over and over again as layers peeled away, as I asked the Universe to ‘Bring it on’ – tidal wave baby hell yeah! Well, it was a bit like a snake on a sacred forest journey (but at 10 times the normal speed); keeping moving, pathfinding and relentlessly shedding the old skins that grow to small so quickly. I don’t know about you, but that was one crazy ride. I had an amazing year, quite spectacular as I feel like I was constantly in the birthing channel opening and contracting to what would be the new light of this year… and I have never felt such a new energy of white golden light in the transition into a new year such as this.

I am now riding these magnificent energies of creation and transformation that begin this special year. As I feel back into the me that was a year ago, she now seems so far away. Parts of her, have simply fallen away in the exposure to truth. Dissolved, disarmed, opened to the vulnerability of life. Yeah – baby – let that life force flow in!

So as I acknowledge this returning home to myself, the desire to assist and re-ignite my creative flow in 2018 arises within. At the end of December, the vision of a 21 day creative cleanse came to me whilst I was gardening, and that is what I am doing now. Assisting my transformation through creation, so that I can let creation show me where I am and what is happening for me. A creative cleanse to welcome in the new year and set me on my way forward.

Days 1 - 8 below

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