Born Of The Moon

Story behind the painting:
This painting began with the dark/new moon of 27 January 2017 and was completed on the Full Moon of 11 April 2017.

When I was flying back home a day before the Pink Full Moon, this April, I felt the call to paint in my body once again. I had not painted since beginning this piece in January and possibly even thought that it would never be finished. But I was wrong. When I arrived home, the call to paint was so strong, there was nothing else I could do apart from spend the following evening in creative ceremony, under the light of the moon. She needed finishing, there was a message coming.

I knew this painting has been created in the energy of the dark moon. In the darkness of experiencing and seeing shadows. So, how was it going to transform to become a container for high energy? White. There was nothing else I could see apart from white, with hints of pink and silver. This was my departure for paint brush action!

So I began. Her wings expanded, her energy began to burst though the veil of darkness into the space of love and light. Even now as I reflect, I had put the painting in a small dark place at the back of the house. It seems as if it was energetically like a gestation chamber, a womb. I could see how the beginning of this painting was like the seed fertilising the egg in the dark container of creation. Then two and a half months later the birth of a new creation.

Like a midwife, with my brush, stoking the belly of the canvas with colour, inducing birth. An artist, pregnant with desire for new life, watching as She arrives. Born Of The Moon. From dark to light. Sleeping to consciousness. Closed eyes to open awareness. Now breathing life.

Born Of The Moon. A declaration to acknowledge the birthing into reclaiming the awareness of our divine feminine connection with the Moon. How we are born with this innate connection to the moon’s energies, and in celebration that she moves our flowing waters into the cycles of creation. What a gift of life!

Moving out of the shadow ways of being, breaking open into freedom with wings of love, in full display of the magnificence of who we truly are. Nothing but radical self love and love for life. Powerful truth. Connection. Expansion into welcoming the best version of ourselves.

As I see myself over these last few months this vibration of transformation has been coursing through my body, where old ways of being seem to no longer exist and are being replaced with hight vibrational frequencies, pushing forward to birth a new version of this being.

Exciting times.

A bit about the energies of these Moons:
The Dark Moon in Aquarius brought the gift of expanded consciousness and call for freedom to be who we truly are. A birth into really seeing from an energy perspective and understanding from a deeper vibrational perspective, of what no longer serves us, really no longer serves us and can be dropped now. The war is over. These lessons have been learned, now birth into the new is no longer an option, it is happening.

The Pink Full Moon calls to rise up from the birth into consciousness and move forward with confidence knowing who we are. Love, awake and clear. Being in life. Now a job has to be done with the power of ‘being’ in the being and not ‘doing’ from the brain or ego. Step up to being in our destiny to raise the collective consciousness for the well being of all. Fearlessly shining our light, having acknowledged our shadows for what they really are. Move into celebration of light, warrior of light, knowing that there if a job at hand and we can all be part of a radical reLOVEution to shift conscious humanity back into a high vibrational field. 

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