Behave New World

Well what can I say - here it is!

At the beginning of this summer, I was invited to be the feature face of Momotempo’s new Music Video. In the South of England on a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, just up the road from the sandy beaches, we began filming in a blacked out studio. Whited out faces and back-combed hair - there was no place I would rather have been. That’s right. I love working with Momotempo’s Timo Peach and the projects he produces are superbly intelligent and inspiring, not just creatively but also intellectually. He is an artist in the true sense of the word, a messenger of authentic expression, a storyteller and on top of all that, a great human to spend time with, being. 

Behave New World is the launch single of an incredible project that Momo will no doubt be sharing very publicly in the coming time in their new blog and podcast (that you can find by clicking on the links below). 

When we first sat around his kitchen table over two years ago and he shared the ideas of this ‘New Project’ I was stunned at the depths of it’s meaning even in the early stages, and was honoured to be asked to be part of it. Of course Momo and I have an on going creative partnership which first began with the creation of the album The Monochronium, to accompany my interactive and immersive exhibition, of the same name, at Lighthouse Poole, (the largest arts centre outside of London, in the South West of England). 

I originally asked Momo if I could lay down some vocals to accompany the visuals for the exhibition.  8 weeks later we had created a whole soundtrack for the event! I truely believe in creative synergy and this is what happens when we are let loose in the studio together! It’s like entering into a magical mystery world, and after hours of side splitting laughter, out of this world creative visions and vocal explorations, I never quite know what state I’ll be in when I emerge from the studio, but I always know I’m never be the same. Transformed in the art of creation. This, my friends, is the POWER OF ART!

Besides enjoying the creative process with Momo, I have been very touched at the powerful message he is communicating in his new body of work.

<Behave New World is out – and launches Momo’s mesianic quest to piece together the whole freaking future.>

Over the years I have been refining how to communicate what feels important, not just for me, but for humanity. Asking, what is missing from the way we are conditioned to believe in life and ourselves? And when we step outside into the unknown realm to explore this, what happens then? I have been awakening the creative and sexual wisdom of my feminine self for over a decade, learning how to confidently move into self expression without limitations on shining my highest self, releasing the conditioning of playing small, so that I am ready to inspire and share with women worldwide how they can self express and liberate themselves through art and movement, awakening their innate wisdom, physically, mentally, spiritually, without fear of shining too brightly. 

So the social and political questions that Momo’s work is addressing are right up my street and tantilising my creative palette. What in society has been asking us to behave? what have been the impacts of us behaving? How have we abandoned the true, authentic beauty of life and the real life inside and outside of ourselves in behaving, conforming, being something we naturally are not. What have we lost? What have we become? and What are we becoming?

<“Hazel is a few of the voices in the track, but I always saw her as playing the recurring role of a kind of symbolic female presence in the whole project” Timo explains, sharing that musically, each piece from the new LP will explore a different trope of scifi. “The sound of science fiction has roamed the many worlds of electronic music. For my little look at the socially engineered society, the sound had to be modernist and classically synthwave – and the fact that we have such a female personality placed so squarely into such a masculine view of the world is no accident.”>

And so it is with pleaure that I dive into being this Behave New World face. I’m not afraid to walk the edge, to question everything, to admit I know nothing and to take a leap to consider a whole new perspective. Welcome a new world. 



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