Be Naked - As Much As You Can

4 Years ago, as a commissioned artist for an international outdoor arts festival, I had this picture taken as part of the project development. Allowing my naked body to become part of my art for the first time. Naked in the woods, in a public space, in nature, melting into Mother Nature. This project touched me deeper than the mission to create an event for the public to experience. It bought me closer to listening to the nature within myself and the merge to wholeness that I am nature. Listening to and giving voice to the magic that lies within these landscapes, body and planet. Feeling the resonance vibrate through this vulnerability. Connection. Re-birthing of the body wisdom.

2 years ago, in a training, someone gave me a medicine word; ‘Naked’. I knew this would be part of my journey to reveal and show myself. Naked Truth. Find the places of truth within myself and find the courage to share them. Show through fear of being abandoned, hurt or slanted. Delving under the layers that keep me away from this, seeing which version of ‘I’ stands at the temple gates, protecting me, but keeping me hidden. Then … very gradually finding how to authentically see myself from even deeper within, awakening body consciousness to feel the resonance of words that want to be expressed and feel how the body reacts to suppress. Giving space to open through the tightest of emotions and allowing my body to feel something new. Re-birthing of the body wisdom.

Today it is October. I am naked. The cooler Autumnal air that whispers through the house, whispers on my skin. Change is stirring. A call to surrender to a new cycle of transformation. Let the leaves fall. Humbled by everything I have been able to experience and learn, I feel this grace of silence and stillness as I sit here, knowing I know nothing. The light brightens in this liberation, on the empty space where I shall be weaving a new composition of power objects for my altar of love. Listening to the vibration of this process run through my naked body. Naked and Naked. Re-birthing of the body wisdom…. again.. and again… and again…. <3

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