Awakening The Divine Feminine Within

Energies Of The Divine Feminine

Love | nurture | compassion | body wisdom | flow | soft power | fertility
creativity | abundance | sharing | intuition | soul living | loving nature

To reclaim our true divine female essence as awakened women, is to be the soft powerful radiant women we naturally are. Honour and love ourselves, and others, in which ever form we come and say ‘YES’ to the great gift of life.

Enlivening the Divine Feminine energies within us enables us to deepen our experience of our love vibration as women, our body as temple and gateway of wisdom. Our bodies transport us through our journey of life and holds great power and wisdom. We are a vessel of love, vitality, creative and sexual energy and this is something to explore and celebrate to cultivate ecstatic and creative living in line with our soul.

In returning and awakening to who you are and have always been, your divine feminine energies are given space to breathe, live, dance, sing, create and feel the fire for life and love.

Sacred sexuality is an important part of awakening the essence of the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine already exists within everyone. We are vessels of great love, wisdom and creators of life.

People are waking up all around the world to the reality that the ‘Power Over’ systems of our societies, that comes from an ancestral line of thousands of years of distorted Patriarchal leadership, no longer and has never served us to live in harmony, love and respect for ourselves, each other and the planet.

Thankfully awareness and conscious living is rising as people are searching to return to the source of who they naturally are, feel their soul alive and on a path of soul purpose, living in alignment with themselves, outside of the constraints of societal fear conditioning and unconscious behavioural patterns which cause so much pain and destruction.

Priestess of Creation is created from the call to participate in awakening the Divine Feminine energies on the planet, returning to alignment with the higher self and following one’s own intuitive golden compass through creative expression, workshops, courses, books and art projects.

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