There comes a point when women know...

... that they are ready to shed the old skins and step into authentic divine essence.

It is time to:

Awaken the creative, sensual, flow within your every day life
Discover the power of your desire and allow your sacred sexuality to ignite
Connect with the different aspects of your inner self and the wisdom they hold

This is the beginning of your journey to experience life in the fullness of simply being you ... REALLY YOU.

You are ready to become the priestess of your own creation

Coming back to and honouring the true nature of who you are. Creating yourself in every new moment, so you become sacred.

I know this is possible for you, because I’ve been on my own journey of transformation.

Once I too read words that stirred my soul… wondering how they could ever apply to me. 


I experienced great darkness, constricting relationships, a life that felt as though it was in black and white. Scared, small, and disconnected from my body and my creativity, I felt caged and alone.

But, one day, something changed.

I felt a stirring deep within, and when I followed that tiny trickle of intuition, it grew to become a stream and then burst forth as a river of joy, pleasure, spontaneous expression.

Becoming a Priestess of Creation isn’t a technique that can be taught. 

It’s the transformation that unfurls organically when you open yourself up to the truth of who you really are.

Now, I create from my soul and live my life as a work of art I am creating – imperfectly, messily and spontaneously – each and every day. You can see my work as an artist, writer and performer at

I created Priestess as a Creation as a way to help you find your unique path,

using tools that allowed me to connect to my self expression. 

I offer them to you in sacred sisterhood, so that you can travel this path with the 

support and encouragement you need as the transformation begins in your life.

To connect to the divine within you and explore your own inner wisdom on the path, click here to discover I Am Divine:

A guided course of self love, diving into the wisdom of your body and womb to awaken and re-instinct your natural self.

Thank you for being here.


"I wanted to let you know that you inspire me big time!"

E. From Holland

"This is the best best workshop I have ever been to - and I've been to lots of different kinds of these workshops! But never anything as powerful as this for me today."

A. from UK

"Thanks again for an amazing workshop."

S. From Holland

"Expanding, challenging, supporting, nurturing and holding, creating a lovely space to grow."

AR. from UK

"I found the movement was freeing, giving new and different experiences and good connections with other women. I liked the music choices too. Thank you."

M. from UK

"Thanks for the great experience."

D. Germany

"Wow, what a beautiful weaving of a new tapestry of ME and my unique essence. Thank you Hazel for an amazing spacious day together. I feel renewed and love the way your soul essence shone through and held space for me to shine my light too. Blessings to you dearest Goddess."

T. from UK

"Encouraged by your loving invitation to really see what lives in side of me. Giving it a voice gave strength. Gratitude and joy, thank you with all my heart."

S. from Portugal

"Hazel holds a safe, tender and transformational space of beauty, light and power, bringing you back to the truth of who you are."

A. from UK

"A women's circle with Hazel is a journey to move forward and surrender. I see light in you Hazel, thank you for passing my path"

S. from Holland

"I would like to express my Gratitude to Hazel for offering me such an open heart warming space to be able to ground myself into present awareness with total ease, acceptance and love.

Hazel guided my beautifully into a slow trance of deep feminine meditation.. Connecting me deeper into the center of my Heart, where I could feel my energy guiding further into my womb so that I could sense my connection between my Heart, Womb and the Earth.

An overall feeling of Bliss and Stillness within, and a relief also that I had finally been able to feel the earth beneath and holding me.Hazel used a very powerful drumming technique along with breathing and the sounds of the Earth creating harmony, giving me the space to relax even more into my body. I have been using this technique everyday now and have felt such a strong connection deep in my womb.

I thank you Hazel for giving me this kind opportunity to explore more deeply into my feminine being, this has helped me to remember how to stay focused, centered and in position to receive the abundance of healing magic and wisdom that the Earth gives and the safety of course that is offered by simply being.With Love and Thanks"

K. From the UK

"I have such dear memories about our gathering. It meant a lot for me, I felt supported, it gave me strength to take responsibility for my life. Took away my feelings of shame and guilt, and opened my eyes for the fullness of being a woman. Thank you, you really are a gift."

I. from Holland

"Moving fluently on symmetric forms makes me free ... My heart opens when I dance with myself, open to receive"

W. from Holland

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