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Sacred Sexuality Gift Cards

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During the two eclipses of Spring 2015 these illustrations arrived. Under the light of the moon each lady unfolded and told her story as Hazel drew Goddess essence into form. 

Each illustration celebrates the Yonic Sacred Source with layers into sacred geometry, motifs and symbols that illuminate the divine feminine through the awakening and reflection of all aspects of love and life cycles. 

Hazel's art and life is inspired by authentic living in the divine feminine.This new collection of work is exploring the archetypes and true nature of woman with Goddess essence. Returning to source of who we really are and re-instincting back into healthy ways of being in line with nature.

Printed on high quality red card this Goddess wheel of the Divine Feminine is a dedication to Goddess of Love and Sacred Sexuality, Rhiannon. She is Lady of the Labyrinth and sacred source of love and life. She is the embodiment of all her aspects and portal through the veil of love. She is Goddess of the mirror and great illuminator of truth. Her soul sings songs of authentic being as she awakens pure love and embodiment of the sacred sexual vessel.  

On the reverse of the card you will find:

 - The lyrics to the song 'Veil of Love' by Hazel Evans

- A brief description of how the illustrations were created 

- The Meaning for each direction on the goddess wheel

This is a limited edition print run of red cards to honour the Goddess Rhiannon of Love and Sacred Sexuality - let more love come into this world

You can buy the cards individually or as a set of 9 with a discounted price for the full set

CARD SIZE: A5 including white envelope, comes plastic wrapped

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